Bernie Reed Scholarship

The OAHU Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the theme and criteria for the 2021 Bernie Reed Memorial Scholarship. The Scholarship Committee will award a $1500 scholarship based on applicant’s accomplishments, community service, and presentation of essay, understanding of the topic, spelling and grammar.

Application Criteria

The following is a list of the required components of each submission:

  • Applicants must submit a brief cover letter, outlining their educational and professional goals. Applicants should include information about community service activities with which they are involved and how they came to know about the scholarship.
  • Applicants must submit an essay on this year’s theme.
  • The essay should be written at or above “college level”. Applicants should carefully review their submissions for formatting, spelling and grammatical errors.  Applicants should also take the time to review the topic and clearly state their view and explain why.

Submission Rules
The guidelines below must be followed for all submissions in order to be considered for the award:

  • All application materials must be received in one submission.  Please do not submit materials separately.  The submission packet must include: 
    • Applicant’s cover letter explaining the following
      • Academic Institution attending
      • Accomplishments
      • Community service
      • Education goals
      • Most recent grade point average
      • Contact information (address, phone and email)
      • Family member that is a member of OAHU
    • Essay 
  • The essay should be approximately 1,000 words and must be submitted in electronic format.  Applicants should e-mail their essays to the OAHU Offices at [email protected].
  • Applicants should be high school seniors or undergraduates.
  • The essay should be written at “college level”; applicants should carefully review their submissions for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Family members of the reviewing committee are ineligible. 
  • Submissions will be the property of OAHU and will not be returned to the applicants and may be reprinted by the Association.
  • Submission packets must be received by the deadline below in order to be considered.  

Evaluation Process
All Scholarship applications are reviewed by the Committee chairperson for completeness and eligibility. The chairperson then “blinds” each applicant’s essay so the applicant cannot be identified by the rest of the Committee. Next, the Scholarship Committee (excluding the chairperson) scores each essay in a number of areas, including grammar, addressing the assigned theme, presentation and overall content. The essay scores are tallied and combined with points given for their goals/community service cover letter. No applicant may have a family member on the Scholarship Committee. As a reminder, the members of the Scholarship Committee are: Tim Rasch, Stacy Carmichael, Beth Black and Leo Aranda.

June 10, 2021             All submissions are due no later than 5:00 pm.
June 16, 2021           The announcement of award recipient will be sent via email.

2021 Scholarship Essay Topic
Culture influences patient’s responses to illness and treatment. In our multicultural society different customs and languages can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Why is culture important in healthcare? Other than language, what are some examples of cultural barriers in healthcare and how would you solve these barriers?